Sara Shah

Sara is passionate about healing foods, healing movement and healing breath, working together with sacred intention.

As a raw cake creator, plant based chef, Mystical Yoga teacher and Reiki practitioner, Sara combines many healing techniques from around the world to offer a truly holistic approach to health and wellbeing.


Sara believes in working with plant based wholefoods to create nourishing, vibrant and delicious dishes. Sara integrates cultural, traditional and creative approaches to design meals from the heart that not only taste divine but uplift, inspire and educate.

Whenever possible, Sara works with natural and organic ingredients that reflect the seasons, often incorporating foraged plants, raw cuisine and fermented foods. When we eat in this way, we align with the vibrations of the earth, the lunar cycles and in turn this restores balance within our physical and spiritual bodies.


Having catered retreats worldwide, Sara’s recipes have been featured by Able & Cole, organic food delivery, and used for their One Pot Wonder Boxes. Sara also works as a community chef for Social Enterprise and Permaculture educators, May Project Gardens.

Sara is also founder of NanaBean, creating bespoke, unique and delicious raw vegan cakes for any occasion. Her raw desserts have been featured in Vogue’s Best London Vegan food list and are currently stocked in Get Juiced in Tooting. 


To order a cake or book Sara for your next retreat please get in touch via email or via the contacts page.